Picture This! 6 Unique Uses for Frames

From vintage to cutting edge, picture frames are an inexpensive way to personalize your home décor. Start with these fun ideas and then add your own!

In-Home Art Gallery

  • Toddler scribbled on the wall? No need to paint over their self-expression.
  • Simply hang a frame that that accommodates the budding artist’s work.

Seasonal Chalkboard

  • Buy several inexpensive frames that remind you of various seasons.

  • Use chalkboard paint to fill in a rectangle that matches the frame size you chose (16 x 20 is a good option).
  • Hang one of the frames around the chalkboard area.
  • Write family reminders or encouraging words with chalk.
  • Swap the frames when the next holiday or season rolls around – you’ll always have a fresh look.

Abstract Art

  • Choose 3 picture frames in complementary (not matchy-matchy) sizes and shapes.
  • Purchase or dig out interesting decorator fabric (it’s sturdier than regular material), wallpaper or other medium.
  • Stretch the fabric tautly when framing (add backing as needed).
  • Your one-of-a-kind artwork adds pop to the walls.

Baker’s Delight

  • If you use recipe cards (instead of a digital device), repurpose a 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 frame with an easel. (An easel is optional if you have a place to hang the frame in your kitchen.)
  • Stretch burlap over a piece of thin foam that fits the frame.
  • This is a great place to pin your recipes while working – no more spills on cards sitting on the counter.

Stand-Up Mirror

  • Purchase a plain mirror (from a craft store) in a size that fits into a standard frame.
  • Put the mirror into a picture frame with an easel on the back.
  • Voila! A standing mirror for your desk or makeup table.

Magnetic Makeup Minder

  • If you’re tired of digging through a makeup bag to find that one thing that is ALWAYS at the bottom, then this project is for you.
  • Choose an inexpensive frame and spray paint it to match your décor.
  • Stop by the hardware store to have a piece of magnetic metal trimmed to fit.
  • Add a piece of decorative paper (wallpaper, craft paper, etc. – self-adhering is best).
  • Glue magnets to the back of your makeup and arrange your favorite pieces on your new makeup minder.
  • To see what the finished piece looks like – and check out other great picture frame ideas – hop on over to the One Crazy House website.

- By Janelle Sabin, Dec 12, 2016