Your Home: 6 Tips to Springtime Sale Success

Most people consider spring to be the best time to sell a home, which is why you need to stand out from the crowd. Here are 6 tips to make that happen!

1) Declutter, inside and out. 

Consider taking excess clothing, furniture and other home goods to a storage unit or portable moving container.

2) Commit to curb appeal. 

Make sure your yard is tidy and well maintained. Touch up any areas that need paint or a little extra TLC. If your perennials haven’t begun to bloom, invest in some potted flowers – move pots to the garage or house on cold nights so the plants won’t be damaged.

3) Wash those windows. 

We know this is a dreaded chore, but clean glass really makes a good impression. At the same time you’re working on windows, repair or replace ripped screens.

4) The nose knows. 

After a long stuffy winter, fresh air and pleasant smells are inviting to potential buyers. Don’t overwhelm visitors with strong odors – stick to neutral, natural scents.

5) Say cheese! 

If your home has been on the market for awhile, replace old snaps with interior and exterior photos taken on sunny days.

6) Price it right. 

Since this is a popular season to sell homes, work with your Realtor® to ensure yours is priced to move.

You also may be able to boost your home’s profile by looking at it through the eyes of a potential buyer and making adjustments where needed. Every community and neighborhood is different, so keep that in mind when choosing how to prep your home for sale.

- By Janelle Sabin, Mar 21, 2017