A New Take on Tailgating

Tailgating at home can be a great option for families with small children, people without tickets to the big game and those with busy schedules. Start with these tailgating tips. Then add your own!

Party Prep. Whether you host your party inside or out, maintain the casual feel of being in the stadium parking lot. Grab the lawn chairs, grill, bags game and your trusty old cooler – using your fridge and stove will earn you a 5-yard penalty.

Screen Time. If you’re tailgating outside, set up your own jumbotron in a safe area of the garage or someplace where kids (and adults) won’t knock over or damage the screen.

Who’s Got Spirit? You, of course! Which is why you need to get decked out in your team’s colors, paint your face and throw on your crazy party wig. Be prepared for questioning stares from your neighbors – and maybe even your pets!

Fun and Games. Cordon off an area where the kids can play safely without getting trampled by the adults and teens tossing footballs around. Let the big guys know they can’t call pass interference on a renegade toddler who gets in their way.

No halftime show? No problem! Surprise and delight your guests with a halftime visit from someone dressed as the team’s mascot. Get the two-point conversion for a professional-quality costume.

Grab Your Selfie Stick. Snap and post all your favorite tailgate moments.

The Big Finish. What football game is complete without a Gatorade shower? Choose your winner and start pouring!

- By Keisha Dunstan, Sep 08, 2016