Preparing Your Home For Fall - The Outside Edition

The days are getting shorter. The leaves are changing colors. School is back in session. And it’s time to prep your home for fall.

Here’s a convenient checklist of outdoor tasks. Some are easy DIY items, while others may require the services of a professional.

  • Start at the top! Remove debris from gutters, check for loose shingles and make sure the fireplace flue is clear. Always exercise caution when on the roof.
  • Rake the yard – or use a leaf blower – and dispose of leaves in an approved manner. Some areas ban burning, so check your city and county laws.
  • After checking windows and doors for gaps and leaks, apply caulk and replaced damaged weatherstripping.
  • Sweep the sidewalks, driveway, steps and deck. Look for cracks and damage, and arrange for any needed repairs.
  • Apply seasonal lawn care products and plant fall bulbs, as appropriate for your region.
  • Thoroughly clean your grill and, if possible, store away from the elements. Same goes for outdoor furniture.
  • Evaluate your inventory of tools and clean them. Track down items you’ve loaned out, donate tools you no longer need and organize for future use.
  • Finally, take a walk around your property to look for any other climate-appropriate projects.
Come back soon to see our Indoor Fall Checklist!
- By Janelle Sabin, Sep 19, 2016